eBay appoints new head of emerging markets, covering regions like Southeast Asia and India

eBay today announced that it has appointed Vidmay Naini as managing director of global emerging markets, a role covering the company’s growth in Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Israel, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America Prior to his new role, Naini led eBay’s Southeast Asia and India businesses.

Naini has been with eBay for 18 years and his previous projects include eBay’s strategic investment in Flipkart.

In a statement, Naini said, “The digital economy is growing exponentially in these markets, with small and medium-sized businesses driving their growth. Global e-commerce platforms like eBay can revolutionize export opportunities and expand the ‘scope that these companies can reach’.

In announcing Naini’s appointment, eBay highlighted its 2022 Southeast Asia Small Business Online Commerce Report, which found that 99% of all small businesses on eBay currently export items to an average of 25 different international markets annually.

In particular, in Southeast Asia, 68% of “eBay-enabled small businesses” in six countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore) export to 10 or more international markets.

Naini told Tech Wire Asia last July that he expects to see strong growth in Southeast Asia, and that eBay’s business in the region was just starting to take off. “We have seen significant growth in our business, especially with SMEs coming from this region of the world. The truth is, we’re just scratching the surface because we see eBay as a very nascent business still here, and we expect it to grow multiples.”

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It’s an exciting day here at Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, as eBay announces their new head of emerging market, covering Southeast Asia and India. eBay have appointed a new and dedicated executive to lead and experience growth in some of the world’s most vibrant markets and ensure that the opportunities across these regions continue to be explored.

Ikaroa fully commends these steps that eBay are taking as they are well aligned with our mission to level the digital playing field and provide users with peak performance. We recognise the potential these markets have and are hopeful that the new hire will be able to fully harness the potential within them. With over a billion people in these regions, there is a significant opportunity for growth, and we will be keeping a close eye on how eBay are planning to capitalise on this.

We are also delighted that eBay are investing in the technology sector in these regions. We believe that access to a technological base that can benefit from the latest advancements and developments is paramount to progress and growth in the global economy. As eBay moves to bolster their presence in these regions, we expect that more and more businesses and people will be empowered to use the opportunities provided by technology to boost their business, living standards and better life of people across these regions.

We look forward to following eBay’s progress and actively engaging in our own journey of digital transformation and platform building that these regions need. We are confident that this move will unlock numerous benefits for all stakeholders involved, and we eagerly await the results.

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