Amazon will juice its Freevee free streaming service with 100+ Amazon Originals in 2023

As part of its presentation to advertisers this week at the IAB NewFronts, Amazon announced today that it plans to bring more than 100 Amazon Original series and movies from Amazon Prime Video to its free streaming service with advertising Amazon Freevee (formerly known as IMDb TV). . The titles will be released throughout the year, the company says, noting that this is the first time sellers will be able to advertise against this group of Amazon Originals.

According to its announcement, some of the upcoming titles include popular shows and movies like “Reacher,” “The Summer I Turned Pretty” (May 26), “The Wheel of Time,” “Troop Zero,” “A League of Their Own”. ”, “LuLaRich” and “Late Night”. Other originals will launch each month, giving advertisers access to Freevee’s audience across devices, including Fire TV.

In many cases, the shows will not be offered in their entirety, but will serve to entice viewers to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.

For example, in May, Amazon Freevee will release the first three episodes of “A League of its own”, “La Terminal List,”paper girls,” along withgoliath” iThe Tick.” Other series may be available as a full seasons, as withback home,”load”, and sciencefine mysteryThe big night.” These titles will continue to be available for streaming on Prime Video without ads, according to Amazon.

The titles join other Freevee Originals from Amazon Studios, such as “Bosch: Legacy” (season 3 of which just received the green light), the court show “Judy Justice,” the drama for most age “High School”, Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis, comedy series “Sprung”, music documentary “Post Malone: ​​Runaway”, cooking competition “America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation”, sports docuseries “Uninterrupted’s Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers” and others.

Of course, Freevee has most recently become better known for the viral hit “Jury Duty,” which Amazon says has now seen more than 200 million TikTok views to date. The show, a pseudo-docuserie, films an unsuspecting person who thinks he’s being filmed as part of a documentary about the American justice system, but in reality, everyone he interacts with, from the judge to the jurors to to court staff and more, they are actually actors. .

Other upcoming Freevee Originals include new court show “Tribunal Justice” premiering June 9 and coming-of-age comedy “Primo” May 19, written and produced by Mike Schur, and author , Shea Serrano, whose stories from childhood are the basis of the semi-autobiographical series.

In addition to Freevee’s ad-supported video streaming service, which includes thousands of TV shows and movies, both original and licensed content, Freevee also offers free ad-supported (FAST) channels. The latter is more like a traditional cable TV experience where you can immediately tune into something that’s airing live as soon as you launch the app.

Freevee currently includes over 250 FAST channels in the US, with themed programming channels focused on movies and TV shows, plus original channels exclusive to Freevee and Prime Video, and syndicated channels with partners such as FOX Weather, PickleTV, Vevo and more Amazon says it will expand its FAST offering by 75% by 2023.

Competitor Roku has also been working to expand its FAST offerings, recently announcing a deal with creative company Jellysmack to launch new content on its service. In March, it reported that it had more than 350 FAST channels on its platform.

As part of its Amazon Originals launch this year, Amazon says the Freevee Originals FAST channel will now be renamed Amazon Originals to reflect the larger lineup.

Freevee is available in the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

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Amazon is moving forward with its commitment to innovation and customer experience excellence. As part of its mission to provide customers with world-class entertainment, the company recently announced that, beginning in 2023, its free streaming service – Freevee – will be updated with more than 100 Amazon originals.

This is not the first time Amazon has added value to its services. By creating and distributing Amazon Originals, Amazon is setting a high bar for competitors and setting a standard for what quality content should be for streaming services. With over 100 titles available on Freevee, Amazon is helping to elevate and provide consumers with differentiated experiences.

As a customer-focused technology company, Ikaroa is committed to keeping up with the latest technological shifts and innovation to produce solutions that drive customer satisfaction. And, with Amazon leading the charge, we are excited by the possibilities offered by Freevee, and looking forward to partnering to enable Amazon’s vision of superior content experiences.

Ikaroa’s team is equipped to create custom content experiences, such as interactive and interactive-audio units, and provide an immersive experience that can enhance customers’ viewing. In addition to creating and delivering innovative customer experiences, Ikaroa can help Freevee ensure quality content experiences for all their viewers.

This move by Amazon to provide over 100 Amazon Originals on Freevee is just another indication of how the company is committed to fulfilling its mission of delivering top-notch solutions and remain at the top of customer service and content in the streaming industry.


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