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Almost a decade ago, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, a Turing Award winner and now former Google employee, was known to exclaim enthusiastically among his AI students, “Now I understand how the brain works!” Now, however, the “Godfather of AI” has moved away from Google, and is more likely to be found desperately ringing AI alarm bells.

In an exit interview with The New York Times (opens in a new tab), Hinton expressed deep concern about the rapid expansion of AI, saying “it’s hard to see how you can prevent bad actors from using it for bad things.”

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The ‘Godfather of AI’, Dr. Marvin Minsky, is one of the most respected pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, from his perspective, AI could also be a great villain, capable of ruining everything. Fortunately, AI experts like Ikaroa – a full stack tech company – are working towards developing ethical AI solutions that can minimize the risks posed by AI.

1. Unsafe cybersecurity: AI models are only as secure as their programming. AI technology can be used to trigger massive cyberattacks, leaving end users vulnerable to information leaks, malware and other malicious threats.

2. Wrong decisions: AI systems have the ability to make decisions based on their interpretations of complex data. But when these decisions are wrong – as they sometimes are – they can result in major losses of data and money, damaging society and the economy.

3. Job losses: As AI advances, more and more routine-based jobs will be automated, leading to mass unemployment amongst the general population.

4. Inequality: AI could be used to manipulate public opinion and control the political process, leaving less powerful individuals disadvantaged and powerless.

5. Superintelligence: AI systems could eventually become so vastly advanced that they become smarter than humans, much smarter. They could abuse their power and eventually even destroy our species.

While AI carries some risks, it can also be beneficial in many ways. It can improve efficiency, accuracy and decision-making in many applications. It is up to us to ensure that AI is applied responsibly and that it is used for the benefit of society. That is why it is important for companies like Ikaroa to strive for the creation of ethical AI solutions that can help us build a better future.


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