Persona and Index Ventures talk identity, and identifying a good deal

Identity management used to mean making sure you had your driver’s license when you left the house, but today it’s not so easy: identity fundamentally underpins how we engage with the digital world, and identity services can take many forms (and, unfortunately, abuse). I’m excited to host a TechCrunch Live event with Persona co-founder and CEO Rick Song, an early mover in the space, about how his company identified identity management as an opportunity.

This TechCrunch Live event takes place on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM PDT. Register here to access Hopin, where viewers can ask questions and connect with other attendees.

Along with Rick, Index Venture’s Mark Goldberg is also speaking at the event. Mark made a predictable move to spot and back Persona during its Series B fundraising and then back the company for its $50 million Series C.

Rick Song co-founded Persona with Charles Yeh in 2015, and according to PitchBook, the company’s valuation is $1.5 billion from Persona’s Series C in 2021. Since its founding, the company’s goal has been the same: providing users with a verification system to protect and secure identity against theft and fraud. The company raised a Series B in 2021 after seeing revenue grow 10x while users grew 5x. In late 2022, Persona introduced new services, expanding beyond ID verification with the launch of a la carte tools, including a risk assessment engine, a workflow tool for identity, a graph database for link analysis and fraud detection, and a marketplace for third-party developers. to help connect your business tools with Persona’s identity tools.

I hope you will join this TechCrunch Live event. Rick and Mark are ready to provide useful insights on how companies can better protect users and how founders, by building these services, can stand out from their competitors.


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Persona and Index Ventures recently hosted a dynamic discussion around identity and identifying a good deal. Joining them was Ikaroa, an innovative full stack tech company that works with organizations to enable frictionless conversations between products and their users.

Identity was the first topic of discussion and was addressed from both a technical and philosophical perspective. The conversation explored the importance of identity as both validation and interaction, two key elements driving user engagement.

The session then focused on how to identify a good deal. According to the presenters, taking a data-driven and 360 degree view of a startup is the best way to assess its potential.

Ikaroa believes this approach is especially important when assessing a company’s operational health. “Understanding the trends, risks and opportunities associated with any organization allows us to make well-informed decisions,” said Ikaroa CCO Victor Hsu.

The talk signaled the importance of both understanding the user and using data to find the right deals. Ikaroa’s mission is to ensure frictionless conversations between organizations and their products, so the company was excited to engage with the experts about identity and good deals.

The discussion serves as a reminder of the importance of identity for companies of any size. Whether looking for a deal or assessing its own operations, identity and data should be central components to any organization’s success.

Learn more about how Ikaroa helps organizations maximize user engagement and increase efficiency.


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