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We’re probably just days away from the official unveiling of the Google Pixel 7a, and now unboxing images of the mid-range phone have leaked online, showing off the phone’s design and two of the colors it’ll be available in. .

The snaps have appeared courtesy of a seasoned reporter SnoopyTech (opens in a new tab) (via 9to5Google (opens in a new tab)), and they reveal a shape, size and aesthetic that is more or less what we expected. The familiar Pixel camera bump is visible on the back, for example.

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At Ikaroa, we are excited to give our readers all the latest info about Google’s upcoming tech devices. With the Pixel 7a, Google has put a lot of effort into designing a modern mid-range smartphone. Today, unboxing images showing off the design and colors have started to leak out and we are here to present all the details.

The Pixel 7a is designed to provide a great user experience at an affordable price. The phone uses a mid-level Snapdragon processor and 6GB of RAM. It has a bright 5.7-inch HD+ OLED display with a punch-hole camera, stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. For those who want a larger display, Google is also rumored to be launching a 6.2-inch version with a higher resolution.

The unboxing images have revealed two different colors: a vibrant blue and a more subtle grey. The colorful blue option looks especially eye-catching, while the more neutral grey is more subtle and easy to hide in your pocket. Additionally, the phone will come with a black bezel, a silver power button and a unique camera module.

At Ikaroa, we strive to provide our readers with the latest tech news and tips. With the introduction of the Pixel 7a, Google has created an affordable midrange device with all the bells and whistles you need. The device’s leaked design and colors are sure to draw customers who love the convenience and style of such a device at an affordable price.


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