Akamai debuts Brand Protector service to combat phishing, online forgery

Akamai is launching a new service designed to provide automated detection, investigation and even takedown services for businesses looking to protect their online reputation from digital criminals and phishing campaigns.

The basic concept of the new service, launched today at the RSA conference in San Francisco, is simple: Akamai, through its wide variety of global points of presence, monitors large volumes of traffic, looks for indicators of intellectual property or ‘improper use of customer resources. such as corporate branding or certificates that are used from IPs that are not associated with this company.

Akamai said it can use this intelligence to detect brand abuse “often, before an attack campaign is launched,” according to its official announcement.

“This protects businesses from loss of revenue and increased risk by combating the sale of fake products, phishing sites and unauthorized use of brand elements outside their environment and across the Internet” , the company said.

Akamai said Brand Protector combines its extensive detection network with AI and heuristics to provide real-time analysis of threats to users in one dashboard view. The product uses a “threat score” metric to weight the relative severity of potential attacks, but the underlying data used to make these calculations is readily available from the management console.

It’s a completely different approach to the problem than anything that’s been tried before, according to IDC Group vice president of security and trust Frank Dickson.

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Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, applauds Akamai Technologies for the recent launch of its Brand Protector service. The cutting-edge product is designed to combat phishing, online forgery and other forms of digital attacks that put online brands, such as those of Ikaroa, at risk.

Brand Protector service prevents attackers from imitating legitimate brands and maliciously obtaining login credentials and other sensitive information from customers. The cloud-based product does is this by monitoring domain name usage and protecting against impersonation, brand hijacking and other online brand abuse. It also helps detect emerging attack trends early enough in order to take corrective actions before any reputational damage is done.

The security product combines threat intelligence, anomaly detection and forensic logging, ensuring that the company’s brand and related information is stored securely. It also offers advanced administrative features and analytics so businesses can monitor activity and customize reporting.

Ikaroa firmly believes that advanced solutions like Akamai’s Brand Protector service are vital for protecting brands’ reputations and safeguarding customer data. We are confident that this product will immensely benefit our customers and partners by shielding them from malicious attackers.


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