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DevOps Online Courses and Classes.
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If you’re looking to become a DevOps engineer or secure a similar job in this growing field, these DevOps courses from TechRepublic Academy can help you sharpen your skills and enhance your resume to become a more competitive candidate. competitive in the eyes of employers. And, if you already work in DevOps, they can help you secure a higher DevOps salary as well.

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Online courses for DevOps

The DevOps methodology increases efficiency and collaboration between development and operations teams, enabling them to produce secure and high-quality software faster. As DevOps becomes more popular due to these benefits and many others, the demand for DevOps engineers and related positions also increases.

Whether you’re just starting out or experienced, keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date is essential to having the DevOps career you want. You can achieve this goal by going to college to get your degree in software development, computer programming, or something similar, cross-training, and aiming for one of the many DevOps certifications.

You can also take DevOps courses like the ones on this TechRepublic Academy list. Doing so will improve your DevOps training, give you an edge over the competition, and hopefully lead to an advanced position with a higher DevOps salary. And some can also help you secure the aforementioned DevOps certifications, killing two birds with one stone.

The Complete DevOps E-Degree Package

If you want to significantly increase your DevOps education and get the most out of it, TechRepublic Academy’s complete DevOps e-degree package may be your best bet. The bundle has a little bit of everything to add to your DevOps education and includes six courses that deliver 84.5 hours of content. Best of all, you can enjoy all these courses that can boost your DevOps career for an incredibly low price. Here are some things the course covers:

  • Cloud Engineering Best Practices.
  • How to deploy web applications.
  • containerization
  • How to work with Ansible.
  • Ruby, Python and Bash scripting basics.

The Complete DevOps E-Degree Package start with the DevOps Cloud Engineering course It can help you familiarize yourself with modern cloud DevOps practices, as well as teach you how to deploy a web application to Azure. The DevOps course also introduces orchestration technologies, containers, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

DevOps Tools of the Trade: Part 1 discusses Ansible, a tool for managing, orchestrating, and deploying IT settings, as well as Chef, a tool used for configuring machines on virtual machines, physical servers, and the cloud. You’ll also get a DevOps education in Puppet, Vagrant, and Git. DevOps Tools of the Trade: Part 2 continues the package by focusing on Jenkins and Kubernetes, so you can master the tools needed to build an automated development pipeline.

The Complete DevOps E-Degree Package continue with DevOps scripting basics. This four-hour course covers one of the most essential skills for a DevOps engineer. Anyone looking to jump into this sought-after DevOps career will receive a crash course in Python, Ruby, and Bash scripting.

DevOps Foundation is by far the most comprehensive course of The Complete DevOps E-Degree Package. It covers 90 lessons, giving you 56 hours of DevOps education on Linux concepts, tools and installation, hardware, file management, security and networking. DevOps Foundation also covers Python, loops, software engineering, file editing, algorithms, and advanced shell usage. Complete the 56 hours of lessons in this course and you’ll have a solid foundation to start your DevOps career.

DevOps Monitoring course finished The Complete DevOps E-Degree Package. The two-hour crash course completes your DevOps education by teaching you the Nagios monitoring tool, along with CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat.

You can learn more or sign up for the bundle by visiting the Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle page.

The Google DevOps and Blockchain Developer Pack

The Google DevOps and Blockchain Developer Bundle includes eight courses and nearly 31 hours of content. His DevOps Fundamentals the course teaches:

  • DevOps history and basics.
  • DevOps best practices.
  • Room and current DevOps job demand.
  • DevOps Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Infrastructure as code.
  • Kubernetes Basics.

If you are interested in DevOps certifications, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification training. may pique your interest, along with Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD), Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect (CBSA)i Certified Blockchain Developer (CBDH), all of them as part of the package. The package also includes courses Kubernetes: Containerization of applications in the cloud and the Enterprise Blockchain Boot Camp.

You can learn more by visiting the TechRepublic Academy course page: The Google DevOps & Blockchain Developer Bundle.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Package

You can advance your DevOps career and knowledge with 47 hours of content through The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle. This TechRepublic Academy bundle includes nine courses ideal for students or professionals looking to become DevOps engineers, junior data scientists, data analysts, testers, project managers, or systems developers. With all its courses on certification, this package is the perfect choice to pursue a career in DevOps.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Package includes the following courses:

  • Agile Scrum Master Certification Training Course.
  • Ansible 2.0 training course.
  • AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course.
  • AWS Sysops Associate Certification Training Course.
  • AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training Course.
  • DevOps Training Certification Course.
  • In-depth Docker training course.
  • GIT Training Certification Training Course.
  • Puppet Training Certification Course.

Learn more by visiting the list of Dynamic DevOps certification training packages.

AWS and DevOps certification training

The AWS and DevOps certification training has 21 hours of content that can help you master the following DevOps topics:

  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Continuous delivery.
  • Configuration management.

The course also provides tutorials on popular DevOps tools such as Puppet, Nagios, Docker, Git, and Jenkins, as well as teaching students the basics of Amazon Web Services cloud computing to capture the attention of aspiring employers add to their DevOps teams. Other highlights of this TechRepublic Academy training include lessons on using Docker containers, plus services like EBS, RDS, S3, and EC2.

Visit the AWS and DevOps Certification Training page for more information.

The complete package of DevOps certification courses and practice tests

This is one of the best packages from TechRepublic Academy to sharpen your DevOps skills. The Complete DevOps Certification Course and Practice Test Package includes 12 courses and over 56 hours of content to help you pursue your DevOps career. The package includes the following:

  • Ansible Basics.
  • Certified Jenkins Engineer.
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD).
  • Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs.
  • Docker Certified Partner.
  • Docker Swarm Basics.
  • Git and GitHub training course.
  • Learn Kubernetes with AWS and Docker.
  • OpenShift Basics.
  • Puppet Exam 206: System Administration with Puppet.
  • Red Hat OpenShift Administration.

See the list of courses at: DevOps Certifications Complete Course and Practice Test Package.

The DevOps 2023 Cloud Engineering Readiness Pack

Get TechRepublic Academy’s DevOps 2023 Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle and you’ll have tons of content at your fingertips to help you expand your DevOps education. The 10 courses (51 hours) that make up this package include:

  • Angular and NgRx: Building a real project from scratch.
  • AWS: Monitoring and DevOps with CloudWatch.
  • DevOps with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, and AWS CodeDeploy.
  • Docker and Docker Compose: Project deployment from scratch.
  • Docker fundamentals for beginners with access to the online lab.
  • Git Training: Step-by-step guide to Git version control.
  • Introduction to Docker and DCA certification.
  • Kubernetes in the cloud and CNCF CKA certification.
  • React Hands-On Course – Build your React app from scratch.
  • YAML Fundamentals for DevOps, Cloud, and IaC Engineers.

Learn more by visiting: The 2023 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle.

Final thoughts on online DevOps courses

The TechRepublic Academy DevOps courses listed above can go a long way in enhancing your DevOps education. Combine these with DevOps certifications to make yourself a highly attractive job candidate, and you can ensure your DevOps career is smooth sailing.

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At Ikaroa, we believe coding and development are a valuable skillset for many of today’s job opportunities, and we want to help make sure that everyone has every opportunity to build their technical skills. So it’s no surprise that we are recommending the Top DevOps Online Courses from TechRepublic Academy – TechToday to our readers.

DevOps is a software development methodology that focuses on using collaboration and quick automation of processes to increase speed and efficiency. DevOps combines processes from software development, testing and operations teams to ensure that every aspect of developing a software solution is well-coordinated. In today’s market, DevOps has become an indispensable part of almost any tech job, and luckily TechRepublic Academy – TechToday’s selection of DevOps Online Courses are up to the challenge.

Their Level 1 and Level 2 training courses cover topics such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), CI/CD, Configuration Management, Cloud Infrastructure Security, and Monitoring. Additionally, they offer a Level 3 training course, which focuses on more advanced topics such as Continuous Delivery, Automation of Deployments, and Automated Testing. The Level 3 course is also a great way to prepare for the DevOps Certification exam, which is offered to those students who successfully complete the course.

We know that not everyone is able to jump straight into the courses that TechRepublic Academy offers. For those who need something more tailored, Ikaroa offers a range of customization options to help you get started. Whether it’s a custom online course or a more hands-on approach to learning, our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you reach your devOps goals.

We believe that with the help of TechRepublic Academy – TechToday’s Top DevOps Online Courses and our tailored custom options, everyone can learn the essential skills necessary to meet their career goals. Get started and begin your journey today with Ikaroa.


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