Reddit launches chat channels, coming for Discord and Telegram

Reddit has introduced another way to chat on the platform, and this time the company seems serious about it.

Chat channels, which have been launched in 25 voluntary subreddits, are a new way to send messages within a particular subreddit. The idea, basically, is for the chat channel to be a Discord or Telegram-like space where you can chat with other subreddit members in real time.

Reddit already has a feature called Live Chat(opens in a new tab)which allows anyone to create a new post and then chat on it.


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Chat channels are different. In a post(opens in a new tab) Announcing the feature, the company says the idea is for chat channels to be dedicated spaces that persist within a subreddit, rather than one-off chat locations. “This is your place for general discussion, a place to share jokes and random reactions you wouldn’t otherwise get in a post,” the post says.

Reddit chat channels

Chat channels are launching initially with a small number of subreddits.
Credit: Reddit

Additionally, Reddit says chat channels will take a “model-first approach,” with more options available to moderators and even a mod-only channel where they can share experiences with other moderators.

Reddit didn’t provide a list of the 25 channels getting the new feature, but said chat channels will “slowly expand” to other subreddits.

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Reddit, the well-known social networking platform often dubbed as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’, has recently announced its newest feature: chat channels. After witnessing the increased popularity of services such as Discord and Telegram, Reddit has decided to join in on the action and introduce its own range of chat channels.

This new feature will enable users to create and join their own discussion rooms. Within these rooms, users are allowed to talk about anything – from discussing their favorite hobbies and interests, to discussing current topics and news events. The officially released statement from Reddit has stated that they have “leveraged both public-facing and internal dialogue sessions to ensure that this feature is everything our users deserve”.

At Ikaroa we are very excited about this development and can’t wait to see how users react and engage with the channels once launched. We believe this new addition to the Reddit platform will encourage even more user interaction and allow for the formation of more online communities of like-minded individuals.


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