London-based Onin scoops up over €3 million to better connect calendars and chats

Onin, a UK-based startup bringing connections closer with calendar and chat apps, has just secured more than €3.1m (£2.75m) to launch its product. The company was founded by Ryan Brodie, the entrepreneur behind the dating app, Muzz. How often do you have a conversation, or plan an event or a meeting, but then…

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London-based tech company Onin recently announced it has secured over €3 million in funding from investors, to help better connect calendars and chats. This perfect solution of a unified and integrated combination of the two communication channels is being hailed as a major advancement in business communications.

The funding will enable Onin to expand its capabilities, opening up the platform to more users and offering more business-oriented features like better tracking and forecasting. This will enable businesses to keep better track of customer and team interactions, ensure timely and consistent communications, and enable remote meetings with greater efficiency.

At Ikaroa, we’re proud to see such a successful London-based tech company achieve this milestone and we’re looking forward to seeing how Onin evolves following this funding. Connecting calendars and chats is a great step forward in business communications, but there’s still an incredible demand for seamless communication solutions out there. We have no doubt Onin will be able to deliver these solutions, unifying communications between teams and customers in a way that was never before possible.


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