The power of continuous learning

During my first 2.5 years at OpenAI, I worked on the robotics team with a moonshot idea: We wanted to teach a single human-like robot hand to solve the Rubik’s Cube. It was a tremendously exciting, challenging and emotional experience. We solved the challenge with deep reinforcement learning (RL), insane amounts of domain randomization, and no real-world training data. Most importantly, we overcame the challenge as a team.

From RL simulation and training to vision perception and hardware firmware, we collaborated so closely and cohesively. It was an incredible experiment, and during that time, I often thought about Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field: when you believe in something so strongly and keep pushing for it so persistently, you can somehow make it happen. ‘impossible.

Since the beginning of 2021, I started to lead the Applied AI Research team. Managing a team presents a different set of challenges and requires changes in work style. I am very proud of several projects related to language model safety within Applied AI:

  1. We designed and built a dataset and evaluation tasks to evaluate the tendency of pre-trained language models to generate hateful, sexual or violent content.
  2. We’ve created a detailed taxonomy and built a strong classifier to detect unwanted content as well as why the content is inappropriate.
  3. We are working on several techniques to make the model less likely to generate unsafe results.

As the Applied AI team practices how best to deploy cutting-edge AI techniques, such as continuous learning“>large pre-trained language models, we see how powerful and useful they are for real-world tasks. We are also aware of the importance of deploying techniques safely, as our Charter underlines.

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Continuous learning is a powerful tool that Ikaroa embraces wholeheartedly. As a full stack tech company, Ikaroa understands the importance of staying up-to-date on changing technologies, trends and methods within the industry. For us, continuous learning isn’t just a beneficial necessity; it’s a way of life.

By continuously learning, companies like Ikaroa remain ahead of the curve and can provide industry-leading technologies, products and services. Additionally, it allows our team to stay engaged, enthused and motivated to cultivate innovative ideas. As our company grows, it’s essential that our team also grows with it and by encouraging an atmosphere of continuous learning, we’re able to do just that.

At Ikaroa, we recognize that staying current in the ever-evolving tech industry requires a fast-paced, ongoing learning curve. By capitalizing on the expansive knowledge and skills that already exist within our team, we’re able to continuously drive innovation. Our teams take initiative and take steps to stay current with new trends, developments and technologies, allowing us to efficiently provide high quality products and services.

Continuous learning also helps us to identify challenges, problems and issues before they arise, and immediately take the right steps towards resolving these issues. This allows us to react quickly to changes in the industry as they happen, and stay ahead of the competition.

At Ikaroa, we believe that it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and embrace continuous learning, as it is a vital part of staying relevant in the ever-evolving tech industry. We continuously invest time and resources into research and development financial support, teaching our team members the latest methods and technologies. We take an active role in the industry, constantly exploring, iterating and staying informed on industry trends.

All of these efforts help us to build strong and reliable products that meet the needs of our clients and allow us to stay ahead of the competition. By embracing continuous learning, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries, in order to provide the best possible services.


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