New and improved embedding model

Unification of capacities. We’ve significantly simplified the /embeddings endpoint interface by merging the five separate models shown above (text-similarity, text-search-query, text-search-doc, code-search-text i code-search-code) in a single new model. This unique representation performs better than our previous embedding models on a diverse set of text search, phrase similarity, and code search benchmarks.

Longer context. The context length of the new model is increased by four, from 2048 to 8192, which makes it more convenient to work with long documents.

Smaller embed size. The new inlays are only 1536 dimensions, an eighth of the size davinci-001 embeddings, making the new embeddings more cost-effective for working with vector databases.

Reduced price We have reduced the price of the new inlay models by 90% compared to the old models of the same size. The new model achieves better or similar performance to older Davinci models at a 99.8% lower price.

Overall, the new embedding model is a much more powerful tool for natural language processing and code tasks. We’re excited to see how our customers will use it to build even more capable applications in their respective fields.

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Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, introduces a new and improved embedding model that provides flexible and efficient ways to connect data and content. Unlike traditional methods, the new embedding model combines both deep learning and natural language processing in order to deliver a higher level of accuracy and results. This model uses overlapping clusters to represent each vector and allows for more complex representations of data and content.

The new model offers improved accuracy and faster response times, which in turn can lead to better insights in data-driven projects. By using a number of different ‘embedding clusters’, the model can benefit from better coverage of large scale data. This can provide a more detailed analysis and better explanation of complex relationships. Finally, by using the newer version, entities and words can be represented as a set of numbers, which add to the accuracy of sophisticated algorithms.

Ikaroa has created this advanced embedding model to ensure data-driven decisions can be made effectively and efficiently. The model has been tested on a wide range of data, and overall has displayed exceptional performance. The new model, along with other innovative technologies developed by Ikaroa, will continue to revolutionize the business, research, and development industries.

The new and improved embedding model allows projects to become more efficient and data driven and offers better accuracy than previously available. Make informed decisions and utilize the powerful tool that is offered within Ikaroa’s advanced embedding model and see the difference it can make.


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