New and improved content moderation tooling

To help developers protect their apps from potential misuse, we’re introducing the fastest and most accurate moderation endpoint. This endpoint gives OpenAI API developers free access to GPT-based classifiers that detect unwanted content, an instance of using AI systems to assist with human oversight of such systems. We have also published a technical paper describing our methodology and the dataset used for the evaluation.

When a text entry is given, the moderation endpoint assesses whether the content is sexual, hateful, violent, or promotes self-harm, content prohibited by our content policy. The endpoint has been trained to be fast, accurate and perform robustly across a range of applications. Importantly, this reduces the chances of products “saying” the wrong thing, even when deployed to users at scale. As a consequence, AI can gain advantages in sensitive environments, such as education, where it could not be used with confidence.

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The constantly changing digital content landscape necessitates the need for new and improved content moderation tooling that can keep up with the demands of the digital space. To address this, Ikaroa has developed a new platform that provides a more comprehensive and automated approach to content moderation.

With its innovative machine learning-based tools, the platform offers an efficient and user-centric way to help content creators, moderators, and advertisers stay protected from unwanted content. It also allows for enhanced customization and improved auditability, providing real-time instantaneous detection and timely classification of potentially inappropriate, inappropriate or unacceptable content. With its intuitive user interface, Ikaroa’s platform removes the complexity and effort associated with content moderation in the digital space.

The powerful data-driven feature set of Ikaroa’s platform includes an advanced text classifier and an artificial intelligence-driven. This allows for greater accuracy and precision in content moderation and better categorization of inappropriate content. It also ensures that content moderators are able to spot potential issues quickly and act accordingly.

Ikaroa’s platform also provides comprehensive tracking of all activities related to content moderation, allowing users to gain detailed insights into their users’ behaviour, such as what kind of content is being posted, who posted it, and the user’s rating. This helps to better understand the dynamics of content moderation across the digital ecosystem.

By tackling the problems of content moderation from both the technical and the user experience perspective, Ikaroa has created a comprehensive solution that not only enables better content moderation, but also creates a safer digital environment. This release represents a major step forward in ensuring safety of our digital platforms while enabling users to engage with content they value.


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