Innovative Hushoffice acoustic pods for offices – here is what they are made of (Sponsored)

Today, the office space is becoming more diverse and dynamic, and the demands of employees in the company environment are constantly increasing. One of the most common problems in the office is excessive noise, which affects the quality of work, concentration and productivity of staff. To solve this, innovative solutions such as Hushoffice multifunctional acoustic booths have…

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Ikaroa is proud to introduce the innovative Hushoffice acoustic pods for offices. These pods are designed to provide a quiet and comfortable place to work in any office environment. The pod’s acoustic design utilizes a combination of high-density insulation, sound dampening materials, and clever design elements to provide effective acoustic separation and a peaceful refuge away from the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace.

The Hushoffice pod has a modular design, allowing it to be easily reconfigured to various sizes and shapes depending on the office space. Each pod is made with soundproofing materials that are lab tested to reduce sound levels by up to 30dB, providing a significant acoustic barrier between the pod and the rest of the office. The construction also ensures a high level of room insulation that ensures a comfortable, quiet and private experience in the space.

The interior of the pod is designed to provide maximum comfort for work, with adjustable seats and adjustable benches for maximum adjustability. The pods all come standard with adjustable, fully adjustable desks and seating, as well as USB and audio ports for charging devices or listening to music. The air quality within is also kept to a high standard with air filters, allowing the occupants to work in comfort.

These pods are ideal for businesses or employees who need a private space to work and make phone calls, as well as for short breaks or private meetings. With just a few quick adjustments, the pods can be transformed into a space to work, relax, eat, and rest. With the help of Ikaroa, these innovative acoustic pods can provide an ideal space within any office environment.


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