How to Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud

When you get a new iPhone, it’s important to transfer all your data and information from your old device to the new one. While iCloud is a popular option for transferring data between iPhones, it’s not always the most convenient or accessible. In this blog post, we will discuss five different methods to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

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At Ikaroa, we understand the time and hassle of transferring information from one phone to the other, especially when switching from an iPhone to another model. Fortunately, transferring data doesn’t have to be a burden! Follow this step-by-step guide, created by the experts at Ikaroa, to learn how to transfer everything from one iPhone to another without iCloud.

First, begin by backing up your current iPhone. Head to your iPhone’s Settings, and go to “General,” then “Backup.” Select “iTunes”, then click “Back Up Now.” This will create a backup of your current information.

Once the backup is complete, turn off iCloud from your source phone. Head to your iPhone’s Settings, and select “iCloud.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Delete Account.” You will be prompted to enter a password; this will turn off iCloud from your source phone and delete your iCloud data from the cloud.

Now, connect your two iPhones and begin the transfer. On your source phone, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Transfer To Another iPhone.” Select this option, and you will be prompted to connect your target phone to the transfer.

Once both iPhones are connected, select the “Transfer” option on your source phone. This will begin the transfer process. The data transferred will include contacts, photos, music, apps, and files. Once the process is complete, the data will appear on your target phone.

That’s it! Transferring data from one iPhone to the other without using iCloud has never been easier. With the help of Ikaroa, tackling this process is no longer a nuisance, but rather a stress-free undertaking.


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