How to Bypass Screen Time

As a parent, you may be concerned about how much time your child spends on their phone or tablet. Apple’s Screen Time feature was introduced to help parents limit their children’s use of electronic devices. However, it’s no secret that kids are tech savvy and can find ways around the restrictions set by their parents. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to avoid screen time and what parents can do to prevent their kids from doing it.

How to Bypass Apple Screen Time

The first thing to keep in mind is that avoiding screen time is no easy task. Apple has made significant efforts to make it harder for users to avoid screen time. However, there are some ways to avoid this.

One way to bypass Screen Time is to change the date and time on your device. By doing this, your child can trick the device into thinking that the allowed time has passed and can continue to use their device without restrictions. To avoid this, you can set Screen Time to require a password to make any changes, including changing the date and time.

Another way to avoid screen time is to use a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN can be used to mask your device’s location and prevent Screen Time from tracking usage. If you suspect your child is using a VPN to avoid screen time, you can prevent this by blocking VPN usage on the device.

How to Bypass Screen Time Password as a Child

If your child has set up a passcode to restrict use of their device, they may still be able to bypass it. Here are some ways to do it:

The first method is to guess the password. Many children choose simple passwords that are easy to guess. To avoid this, make sure your child uses a strong password that is difficult to guess.

Another way to bypass the password is to reset the device to factory settings. This will erase all data from your device, including your Screen Time password. To avoid this, make sure your child’s device is backed up regularly and set Screen Time to require a password to reset the device.

Can my child do screen time tricks?

Yes, kids can hack Screen Time. In fact, many kids are tech savvy and can find ways around the restrictions set by their parents. To avoid this, parents should be aware of the latest Screen Time tricks and take steps to avoid them.

One way to avoid Screen Time hackers is to keep your child’s device up to date with the latest software updates. Apple often releases updates to fix security vulnerabilities that can be used to bypass Screen Time.

Another way to prevent Screen Time hackers is to monitor your child’s device usage. If you notice any unusual activity on the device, such as apps that should be locked or changes to device settings, it could be a sign that your child has found a way to avoid screen time.

Why Screen Time Doesn’t Work for Families

While Screen Time is a useful tool for managing device usage, it doesn’t always work for families. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Lack of personalization

Screen time restrictions are unique and do not take into account individual family dynamics. For example, a family with two working parents may need to allow their child more screen time than a stay-at-home family. Rigid Screen Time restrictions may not work for families with unique circumstances.

  1. Technological knowledge

As mentioned above, kids can be quite tech savvy and can find ways around Screen Time restrictions. This can make screen time ineffective in preventing overuse of the device.

  1. Difficulty in execution

Enforcing screen time restrictions can be a challenge, especially if kids resist the limits set by their parents. If kids can use their devices unsupervised, it can be difficult to make sure they follow screen time restrictions.

  1. Unintended consequences

Screen time can have unintended consequences, such as making children feel restricted and rebel against the restrictions set by their parents. This can lead to increased tension between parents and children, making it harder to enforce long-term restrictions.

  1. Impact of screen time on parenting

Finally, screen time can have an impact on parenting. Parents can feel guilty for using their devices in front of their children when they are supposed to be setting an example of responsible device use. This can create an unhealthy parent-child dynamic and make it difficult to enforce screen time restrictions.


In conclusion, avoiding screen time is not an easy task, but it is possible. Parents should take steps to prevent their children from overlooking screen time, such as setting a password to make any changes, blocking VPN use, and monitoring their children’s device usage. With these measures in place, parents can help their children develop healthy device habits and avoid excessive screen time.

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Screen time can quickly add up and can be difficult to manage, but there are ways to beat the clock and find more time for yourself. Ikaroa is here to provide tips to help you bypass intrusive screen time, so you can enjoy a more balanced life and make the most of your time.

Tip #1: Set a Timer

This is a great way to stay on top of your screen time and avoid getting sucked into the endless loop of social media feeds and video games. Setting a timer for specific activities and tasks helps you to stay focused and also ensures that you’re getting enough time for yourself away from the screen.

Tip #2: Disconnect from the Wi-Fi

Disconnecting from the Wi-Fi is a great way to limit your screen time. When you go offline, you can only access the content already downloaded on your device, making it more difficult to find more content and get distracted. Also, if you ever need to do any research or watch a video, you can still connect to Wi-Fi for a short period of time and get the task done quickly.

Tip #3: Find an Offline Alternative

Look for ways to enjoy yourself that don’t require you to be in front of a screen. For example, reading a book, playing a board game, or engaging in an activity outside can still provide entertainment and brain stimulation, but without the television or internet. Set aside time to enjoy these activities and keep yourself off the device.

At Ikaroa, we understand the need to unplug and unwind. If you are looking to create healthy boundaries with your screen time, these tips can help guide you to a more balanced lifestyle and make the most of the time you have. With the help of our knowledgeable staff, we can advise you on ways to manage your screen time and make sure you are getting the most out of each day.


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