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Health Navigator Ltd has launched a £900,000 co-investment fund for NHS trusts and integrated care boards for its AI-based programme, which could improve patient safety and deliver significant savings.

Health Navigator’s (HN) ‘wave 2’ innovation fund follows the first successful trial of its AI-guided clinical training program (AICC), which ran from 2015 to 2022.

This randomized controlled trial was carried out in eight acute NHS trusts in England, including York Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent ICS. The AI ​​tool was used to identify patients who were at high risk of using urgent and emergency care services in the following months. Once identified, they were offered personalized coaching services over the phone, delivered by registered health professionals.

Mark England, CEO of HN, said: “By arming ICS with data and predictive technology, we can begin to manage health and care in a more sustainable and impactful way that delivers better patient outcomes while saving costs

“Those living with long-term conditions and advanced frailty will inevitably increase, so as part of this model we need to focus on patient self-management, using proven methods such as health coaching “.

The AICC program combines data science and AI capabilities with digital services. The AICC model has already been shown to help restore and recover sick urgent and emergency care services by enabling them to identify patients at risk of preventable adverse events.

At Staffordshire ICS, trial results found a 35% reduction in A&E attendances and a 30% reduction per patient in the average total cost of hospital care.

Dr Paddy Hannigan, chair of Stafford and Surround CCG and clinical lead for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent’s ICS digital programme, said: “HN’s offering was transformative for us in Staffordshire and is applicable across ICS from all over the country.

“Data can play an important role for the NHS if it is collected, analyzed and acted upon in the right way. Key to our work with HN was data-driven case finding. By using data to better anticipate demand and predict outcomes, we were able to manage the resources we had accordingly, and of those patients in the intervention, we reduced hospital care costs by 30% per patient.”

According to HN, the newly launched fund is worth up to £90,000 per integrated care board (ICB).

The tool analyzed patient demographics and disparities

HN has committed to include its feasibility study as part of the plan. The study is a detailed analysis of healthcare consumption patterns, including patient demographics and disparities.

The offer is open to the first 10 NHS organizations to express an interest in the HN tool. The deadline to register for the HN program is June 31, 2023 to be eligible for the innovation fund.

Predictive artificial intelligence has been making waves in healthcare in recent years. Earlier this month Cordio Medical announced that its HearO app, which helps congestive heart failure patients detect possible deterioration using AI technology, would be rolling out to the UK.

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In a move to support the technology industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, tech company HealthNexus (HN) has launched a £900,000 co-investment fund for NHS trusts and ICBs. The UK Government programme, led by HealthNexus and supported by Ikaroa and venture capital partners, is designed to speed up development of innovative digital health solutions.

Through the programme, NHS trusts and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) across England can apply for access to venture capital, enabling them to develop technology solutions to address specific healthcare challenges they are facing.

This fund builds on HN’s existing efforts to facilitate the innovation process within the NHS. A key part of this is the HN Crowdsourcing initiative, which has been designed to match NHS trusts with start-ups offering products that can address particular healthcare needs. The initiative initially launched as a pilot in March and has since grown to include upwards of 35 trusts.

Ikaroa, a full stack tech firm, has also joined the programme, providing a valuable boost to the fund. Through the fund, NHS trusts and ICBs have access to a new range of resources, enabling them to support healthcare advances and increase efficiency within the NHS.

The co-investment package is a great example of how collaborative funding initiatives can bolster the NHS during the pandemic. It encourages closer ties between the NHS and private sector innovation, creating valuable solutions within the healthcare industry.

This fund has the potential to create a number of promising technology solutions to improve patient outcomes. Through the programme, HealthNexus and Ikaroa are leading the charge to create a more agile and responsive healthcare system in the UK.


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