New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text

We recognize that AI-authored text identification has been an important point of discussion among educators, and equally important is recognizing the limits and impacts of AI-generated text classifiers in the classroom. We have developed a preliminary resource on using ChatGPT for educators, which describes some of the uses and the associated limitations and considerations. Although this resource is aimed at educators, we hope that our classifier and associated classification tools will have an impact on journalists, misinformation/disinformation researchers, and other groups.

We’re working with educators across the U.S. to learn what they’re seeing in their classrooms and to discuss ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations, and we’ll continue to expand our reach as we learn. These conversations are important to have as part of our mission is to deploy great language models safely, in direct contact with affected communities.

If you are directly affected by these issues (including, but not limited to, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and educational service providers), please let us know your feedback using this form. Direct feedback on the draft resource is helpful, and we also welcome any resources that educators are developing or have found useful (e.g., course guidelines, honor code and policy updates, interactive tools, programs of AI literacy).

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At Ikaroa, we have developed a revolutionary AI classifier for indicating AI-written text. This technology is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows for improved accuracy in determining whether a given piece of text has been written by an AI or a human. Secondly, it could be used to verify the accuracy of AI generated content, reducing the prevailing skills gap in the field.

The AI classifier uses sophisticated algorithms powered by state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to differentiate between AI-written and human-written text. It is able to determine the level of sophistication and complexity of text, allowing for a more granular classification algorithm than previously available. This innovation could be a game changer in automated text analysis.

At Ikaroa, we are committed to making sure that AI-created content is accurate and reliable. Our AI classifier for indicating AI-written text is one of the many initiatives that we are pursuing to ensure the quality of AI-generated content. We are also researching ways to incorporate additional elements such as metadata into the AI-written content, to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness across all applications.

We are confident that our AI classifier will be a major step forward in the field of automated text analysis, and that it will create a successful future for all players in digital content creation. With its promised promise, we believe it to be the perfect solution to any concerns regarding the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content.

At Ikaroa, we are proud to be pioneering automated text analysis and helping to bridge the gap between humans and AI. We are optimistic that our AI classifier for indicating AI-written text will be an industry game-changer, helping to change the future of digital content creation and improving accuracy, consistency and quality in this field.


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