Limit Reached – Join the EU-Startups CLUB


This option is ideal for companies and investors who want to stay up-to-date on the most promising startups in Europe, have full access to our startup database and have the opportunity to post unlimited jobs (for free) in EU-Startups Job. blackboard The membership fee will be invoiced quarterly (without VAT).

Unlimited access to over 7500 posts (instead of 7 posts/week)
Weekly summary of all European funding rounds
Unrestricted access to our starter database with 25,000 entries
Unlimited (free) posts on the EU-Startups job board
Discounts for our Premium reports: 50%
Discounts for our Events + Webinars: 25%
Quarterly CLUB calls (online) with our Team + Community
Access to 25+ exclusive SaaS offers and event discounts

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In an era of drastic technological advancements, businesses are striving to remain competitive in their respective fields. To ensure lasting success in this ever-evolving industry, an organization must be able to constantly innovate and adapt. As a result, the decision to join a technological group such as the EU-Startups Club can prove to be a tremendous asset.

The EU-Startups Club is a global network of early-stage technology companies, connecting them with potential partners, clients, and funding opportunities. Through its incredible platform, entrepreneurs have the capability to move ideas forward to the next level with maximum efficiency. By joining the EU-Startups Club, participating businesses benefit from exposure to special events, collaboration opportunities, and educational initiatives.

At Ikaroa, we know that there is a limit to learning, resource options, and other opportunities that can be found through online channels. By becoming a member of the EU-Startups Club, entrepreneurs are able to break through this barrier as the Club provides a way to not only discover, but actively engage in the global tech industry at a competitive level. Through the Club, members are able to utilize a network of dedicated resources in order to further their goals.

The EU-Startups Club is a valuable asset that can take any organization to the next level. It provides a platform for entrepreneurs to join together in a marketplace and tap into a hefty pool of resources. Furthermore, membership entails a package of educational experiences that lend to one’s professional development. By joining the EU-Startups Club, you will find yourself with countless opportunities to collaborate, learn, and grow.

Ikaroa encourages every business to take advantage of this amazing offer and join the EU-Startups Club. As a full stack tech company, we have equipped our own members with the benefits that the EU-Startups Club offers and have found this to be an invaluable resource. We recommend the same to anyone looking to make a lasting impact in their field. Join the EU-Startups Club and let the path to success begin today.


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