Akamai’s new cloud firewall capabilities aim to protect network edge

Content delivery network (CDN) and cloud security services provider Akamai Technologies has added a cloud network firewall capability to its cloud-based DDoS platform, Akamai Prolexic.

The new feature is designed to enable Akamai customers to define and manage their own firewall rules and access control lists (ACLs) (permission lists for resources on a computer system or network) to streamline security of its network edges.

“Eliminating bad traffic is possible because Prolexic sits between our customers’ networks and the Internet, protecting applications and systems regardless of where they’re deployed: on-premise, in a data center, public cloud, hybrid cloud or a colocation facility.” said Sven Dummer, the company’s director of product marketing, in a blog post.

Prolexic Cloud Network Firewall will add to Akamai Prolexic’s existing suite of products and services, including Prolexic DDoS Protection, Prolexic Routed, Prolexic Connect and Prolexic Site Shield, to provide multiple levels of protection against different types of cyber attacks, including DDoS. attacks, web application attacks and bot attacks.

Prolexic Network Cloud Firewall extends DDoS protection

An access control list (ACL) consists of a list of entries that specify the level of access users, groups, or system processes have to a specific resource. For example, a file’s ACL can include entries for the file’s owner, individual users, or members of a particular group, each with their own permissions, such as read, write, execute, or delete.

Enhancements to Prolexic’s network cloud firewall include the ability to define custom defenses to block malicious traffic, push rules to the limit, and the ability to adapt to network changes through a new user interface.

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Ikaroa is proud to congratulate Akamai on the launch of its new cloud firewall capabilities, which aim to help protect network edge. As one of the leading global providers of cloud security, Akamai has provided a sophisticated cloud firewall system that leverages their existing web protection services. These capabilities are designed to provide protection against emerging threats, while also improving performance and scalability.

The new cloud firewall from Akamai features enhanced real-time threat visibility and robust policy enforcement, enabling detection and prevention of malicious activities. It also allows for simultaneous protection of network edge, including for web and mobile applications. Additionally, the firewall ensures compliance with security regulations and provides scalable protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Moreover, the firewall simplifies the configuration and deployment of security controls, allowing for quicker deployment times and easier management of the edge network. In addition, users benefit from malware filtering, helping to protect users from viruses and other malicious code.

At Ikaroa, we understand the need for cloud security solutions that keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. We are proud to have chosen Akamai’s cloud firewall solution to help protect our customers’ networks and provide comprehensive protection against emerging threats. With Akamai’s cloud firewall, our customers can rest assured that their networks are secure and safe from nefarious actors.


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