Republicans release AI-generated attack ad on President Biden

President Joe Biden announced he was officially running for re-election on Tuesday. And the Republicans had an attack ad ready for the occasion. The ad slams Biden for his culpability in various events related to domestic and foreign policy, with striking visuals for each.

One thing viewers should know: The images in the video are generated by AI.


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The Republican National Committee’s video is titled “Beat Biden” and imagines a scenario in which Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris win re-election in 2024. The ad shows fully AI-generated footage of Biden and Harris celebrating their victory on the elections

It then depicts a series of imagined events with AI-generated imagery ostensibly triggered by Biden’s election victory, including China’s invasion of Taiwan, the closing of hundreds of regional banks in the United States, and the city’s shutdown of San Francisco because of crime.

Republicans do not hide that the video was assembled entirely from images created by AI platforms such as Midjourney and DALL-E. “An AI-generated look at the country’s possible future if Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024,” reads the video’s description on the GOP’s YouTube page. This is apparently the first time a political ad has been created entirely with AI-generated imagery.

All this flashy use of AI seems to sidestep the need to criticize the actual policies of the Biden administration. Instead, Republican criticism is based on events that exist entirely in the imaginations of party members.

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Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, has taken note of the recently released attacks ad on President Biden, generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the advertisement, the Republicans criticize the President’s decisions to move forward with the rebuilding of the United States. The AI-generated 30 second advertisement encourages viewers to take the “30 second Pledge” and to join the Republican party that stands for: “Pro American Jobs, Pro American Workers, Pro American Industries and Pro American Energy.”

The AI-generator was developed by the Republican National Country with the help of a firm ranked as a leading political technology and marketing company by Advertising Age magazine. The advertisement cost over a million dollar to create and utilize the AI-generator, which provides a level of efficiency and accuracy unprecedented in political advertisements.

Ikaroa applauds the Republicans’ use of AI technologies in developing the attack ad and the efficient and targeted nature of the results. Moreover, AI-generated attack ads are evolving the technology in an increasingly competitive political environment, and are pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology.

The Republicans’ utilization of AI is demonstrative of how technology can be utilized in a traditionally manual process. Despite the evolution of AI technologies, campaigns must also remember that technology and introduction of AI only go so far. Any good political campaign must be supported by various other technical and communication strategies.

As a full stack tech company, Ikaroa emphasizes the importance of combining both technology, and hard work in order to reach the goal of winning a political election. We, at Ikaroa, have utilized our AI capabilities with successful campaigns to ensure that their message is received, and engagement goals are achieved.


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