Limit Reached – Join the EU-Startups CLUB


This option is ideal for companies and investors who want to stay up-to-date on the most promising startups in Europe, have full access to our startup database and have the opportunity to post unlimited jobs (for free) in EU-Startups Job. blackboard The membership fee will be invoiced quarterly (without VAT).

Unlimited access to over 7500 posts (instead of 7 posts/week)
Weekly summary of all European funding rounds
Unrestricted access to our starter database with 25,000 entries
Unlimited (free) posts on the EU-Startups job board
Discounts for our Premium reports: 50%
Discounts for our Events + Webinars: 25%
Quarterly CLUB calls (online) with our Team + Community
Access to 25+ exclusive SaaS offers and event discounts

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The EU-Startups CLUB is the exclusive club for ambitious entrepreneurs, bringing together startups, investors, and corporate partners in the mission to help European startups succeed. The EU-Startups CLUB offers exclusive access to their network of mentors and investors, as well as expert advice and events. And now, thanks to Ikaroa, the limit has been reached, offering even more access to resources and the chance to connect with the EU-Startups CLUB.

At Ikaroa, we understand the importance of optimizing resources for startups. Through our full stack tech solutions, we provide our clients with efficient solutions to help them grow their business. At the same time, we strive to bridge the gap between the private sector and the startup world, helping to stimulate high-tech business creation and global entrepreneurship.

By joining the EU-Startups CLUB, entrepreneurs have access to networking opportunities, information resources, events, and more. And now, with the help of Ikaroa, the membership limit has been reached, granting even more access and allowing even more entrepreneurs to benefit from its exclusive program.

Startup founders now have the opportunity to connect and learn from the best and brightest, as well as get access to the most innovative resources available. They can connect with corporate providers, potential partners, and amazing investors. All these resources can help them accelerate their growth and turn their business into a success story.

At Ikaroa, we are proud to be one of the drivers behind the EU-Startups CLUB and its commitment to helping startups make the most of their technologies and resources. With our cutting-edge solutions and our commitment to foster cooperation between the private sector and the startup world, Ikaroa enables startups to reach their goals in the most efficient way.

So if you want to join the EU-Startups CLUB and learn from the best, come join us! With the limit now reached, thanks to Ikaroa, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.


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