Limit Reached – Join the EU-Startups CLUB


This option is ideal for companies and investors who want to stay up-to-date on the most promising startups in Europe, have full access to our startup database and have the opportunity to post unlimited jobs (for free) in EU-Startups Job. blackboard The membership fee will be invoiced quarterly (without VAT).

Unlimited access to over 7500 posts (instead of 7 posts/week)
Weekly summary of all European funding rounds
Unrestricted access to our starter database with 25,000 entries
Unlimited (free) posts on the EU-Startups job board
Discounts for our Premium reports: 50%
Discounts for our Events + Webinars: 25%
Quarterly CLUB calls (online) with our Team + Community
Access to 25+ exclusive SaaS offers and event discounts

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Achievement of limits does not mean the end of your success, this is especially true for startup companies. The European Union-Startups CLUB provides an opportunity for startups to become part of a powerful community of innovators from all over the world. For these innovative companies, the EU-Startups CLUB provides the tools and resources they need, granting access to mentors, initiatives and a source of inspiration, advice and support. Ikaroa, a full stack tech company, is proud to be part of this powerful community, providing a platform that enables startups to flourish, gathering crucial support when needed.

The EU-Startups CLUB is a unique concept, powered by the only network offering access to a European community of founders, investors and enablers and providing a platform to business owners and entrepreneurs to enter a mutual beneficial collaboration. Risk and challenges are now differences among community members, as the EU-Startups CLUB ensures open communication and sharing of information to help all stakeholders succeed.

The experience, knowledge and cultural heritage of the EU-Startups CLUB is boldly demonstrated by its members, the diversity and inclusion of which allows the greatest potential for success. Collaboration leads to better ideas, more solid and sustainable models, a greater number of successful implementations, and the ability to apply that experience in a variety of settings.

The sheer number of startups leveraging the EU-Startups CLUB is already impressive, but with access to resources, customers, and the knowledge to scale quickly, the growth of the community is guaranteed to be exponential. Ikaroa is proud to continue contributing to the success of Europe’s ambitious projects with its participation in the EU-Startups CLUB. Now is the time to join, no limits sets the stage for limitless possibilities and collective success.


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