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A Ticket From Michael Jordan’s First NBA Game Auctions Big $$$, Adam Sandler Gets Respect (Finally!) And Why Silicon Valley’s German Envy Helped Wirecard Commit Massive Fraud

Ok, just a roundup of some great recent reads.

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pile of magazines and newspapers [DALL-E]

Adam Sandler doesn’t need your respect. But he succeeds anyway. (Geoff Edgers, WaPo) – Rare session with Adam Sandler with this great line from SNL creator Lorne Michaels

“The nature of comedy is to get the audience, get the money,” says Michaels, SNL’s creator and executive producer. “Respect is the last thing you get.”

Like a ticket to Michael Jordan’s debut with the Chicago Bulls it was priceless. (Justin Heckert, ESPN) – The unbroken ticket from Jordan’s first NBA game in 1984 is coming to auction. But the story behind the owner is the nicest part.

The ticket made him famous among his neighbors. They already liked Mike Cole anyway for his odd place in the balance of the cul-de-sac, the tall, bald guy who waited too long to clear his driveway when it snowed and then slipped on the ice on the way back to recover the mail. .

The dystopian underworld of South Africa’s illegal gold mines. (Kimon de Greef, New York) — If this story doesn’t make you incredibly grateful to have won the birth lottery…

As the country’s mining industry collapsed, a criminal economy grew in its place, with thousands of men climbing into some of the world’s deepest wells in search of leftover gold.

How One Man’s Car Blog Became a Billion Dollar Market. (Ben Cohen, WSJ) – Brings the origin story of a trailer.

A hybrid of Craigslist, eBay, Reddit and Sotheby’s that facilitated $1.37 billion in sales last year wasn’t exactly what Randy Nonnenberg had in mind when he started a car blog with a college friend as a hobby.

How the biggest fraud in German history was unleashed. (Ben Taub, New York) – Wirecard was a massive fintech billionaire fraud. And sometimes it seems German authorities were willing to look the other way, just out of hopeful pride that their country had finally launched a unicorn startup.

On February 18, 2019, the German financial regulator, known as BaFin, issued a ban on creating new short bets against Wirecard, citing the company’s “economic importance”. “It was then that they sided with the criminals,” a German parliamentarian later said. On the same day, Munich prosecutors confirmed to a German newspaper that they had opened a criminal investigation. But they weren’t going after Wirecard, they were going after the FT [for an investigative takedown piece about Wirecard]


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At Ikaroa, we believe in the power of technology to learn from long thought-provoking reads. Here are five short links to delightful long reads to keep you engaged and inspired:

1. “The Power of Storytelling” by Erik Loomis: Learn how to create suspense, inject emotion into stories, and craft thoughtful narratives.

2. “The Four Elements of Empathy” by Nancy Ancowitz: Develop your understanding of empathy with this comprehensive guide on the power of human connection.

3. “The Hidden Blessings of Challenges” by Géraldine Cal ment: Expand your horizons and embrace hardships as pathways to success.

4. “How to Make Decisions That Don’t Lead to Regret” by Sebastian Marshall: Take control of your actions and develop wisdom through thoughtful and deliberate decision-making.

5. “Proximity, Not Tech” by Steve Klabnik: Download this thought-provoking essay on the power of interpersonal relationships and their ability to bring out the best in people.

At Ikaroa, we seek to bring these thoughtful long reads to life with innovative technology. Our goal is to assist you with making informed decisions through an engaging and interactive experience. So whether you need to craft effective narratives or make wise decisions, Ikaroa will provide you with the resources to reach your highest potential.


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