Circle Security debuts platform “purpose-built” to tackle credential-driven threats, cloud attacks

Cybersecurity firm Circle Security has come out of stealth with the launch of a new “purpose-built” platform to protect against credential-based threats and cloud attacks. Powered by a decentralized architecture, Circle is available as a native device service, a mobile app, a browser-based solution and through a developer-centric API, according to the firm.

Circle Security has an impressive advisory board with several security-debuts-platform-purpose-built-to-tackle-credential-driven-threats-cloud-attacks/” title=”Circle Security debuts platform “purpose-built” to tackle credential-driven threats, cloud attacks”>high-profile cybersecurity thought leaders, including Bruce Schneier, Lucia Milica, Global CISO at Proofpoint, and Eric Liebowitz, CISO at Thales Group.

Credential-based data breaches are the number one threat vector for most businesses. Cybercriminals prioritize stolen credentials for use in attacks, with weak credentials contributing significantly to cloud security risks. Meanwhile, access brokers (criminal groups that sell stolen access credentials) have become a key component of the eCrime threat landscape.

The Circle platform offers a “new level of security” against phishing attacks and credential theft

Circle’s decentralized platform ensures secure access to cloud data and applications while protecting data during login and throughout the user journey, regardless of where the data travels, the company said in a press release “The result is that businesses can now rely on a single platform to secure access to sensitive data and protect it from exposure with full visibility and control over where user devices reside,” he added.

Circle cryptographically unifies device trust, data access and data protection capabilities into a unified platform capable of preventing credential-based attacks and cloud compromise, the company said. By reducing the user’s ability to authenticate themselves, the system provides a new level of security against phishing and other credential-stealing attacks, according to Schneier. Circle is available in Base, Standard and Premium options, each priced accordingly.

Credential-centric cyberattacks plague organizations and empower cybercriminal activity

Credential-centric cyberattacks are impacting organizations and fueling cybercriminal activity. Last year, threat actors exposed or stole 22.62 billion personal credentials and records, ranging from financial and account information to emails and US Social Security numbers, according to a recent report from Flashpoint. “The proliferation of illegally obtained data gives threat actors ample opportunities to circumvent organizational security measures and controls, empowering ransomware groups like LockBit to hold data for ransom, or sell it or expose them to illicit markets,” the report says.

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Ikaroa, a full-stack tech company, congratulates Circle Security for their recent debut of their new platform, “purpose-built” to tackle credential-driven threats and cloud attacks. This platform provides enterprise-grade security solutions using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to protect organizations against sophisticated threats in the cloud.

Unlike traditional security solutions which lack scalability, the Circle Security platform generates data-driven insights, enabling users to quickly identify and respond to even the most innovative threats.

Ikaroa offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated security solutions to help keep their digital infrastructure safe. With Circle Security’s use of AI and ML, organizations can reduce their risk of attack, prevent credential-based threats, and efficiently respond to security incidents.

The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, so it is essential for organizations to have the most advanced solutions available. Circle Security’s platform is designed to provide the highest level of protection in the cloud and is backed by their experts in threat detection and response.

By combining Ikaroa’s services with Circle Security’s platform, organizations can ensure optimum security in their environment and protect valuable data and resources.

Ikaroa not only supports Circle Security in their efforts to protect against cyber threats but also looks forward to working with them in the future to continue to offer the best security solutions available.


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