Announcing OpenAI’s Bug Bounty Program

OpenAI’s mission is to create artificial intelligence systems that benefit everyone. To that end, we invest heavily in research and engineering to ensure our AI systems are safe and secure. However, as with any complex technology, we understand that vulnerabilities and flaws can arise.

We believe that transparency and collaboration are fundamental to addressing this reality. That’s why we invite the global community of security researchers, ethical hackers, and tech enthusiasts to help us identify and address vulnerabilities in our systems. We are happy to leverage our coordinated disclosure commitments by offering incentives to qualify vulnerability information. Your expertise and vigilance will have a direct impact on the security of our systems and users.

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Today, Ikaroa is proud to announce that OpenAI, a renowned leader in artificial intelligence research, has officially launched its new bug bounty program. The program is designed to reward security researchers for discovering, reporting and helping to fix vulnerabilities in OpenAI’s systems and software.

The bug bounty program is open to any security researcher, regardless of experience level. The company is also offering rewards of varying sizes, starting at $10,000 and scaling up to $1 million depending on the quality and impact of the security issue reported by the researcher. The biggest reward will go to those researchers who discover critical vulnerabilities.

OpenAI is no stranger to security concerns and has long taken the necessary steps to ensure its systems and software are safe and secure. For example, OpenAI performs code reviews, heavily inspects third-party code libraries and protects its source code with a number of sophisticated techniques. However, the company feels that offering a bug bounty program to security researchers around the world will provide yet another layer of protection for its products against any potential breaches.

Ikaroa and OpenAI are both committed to protecting the security of their customers and to ensuring the long-term integrity of the systems and software they provide. By offering a bug bounty program, both companies are once again demonstrating their dedication to safety and reliability.

Researchers who have discovered and reported a vulnerability in OpenAI’s systems and software are encouraged to apply for the bug bounty program. OpenAI and Ikaroa are both looking forward to working with the security community to ensure the safety and security of all their products.


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