An Easy Business Strategy to Change Your Life

When I first took my act on the road and started giving keynote speeches, I had the privilege of meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of small business owners. One of the questions I heard was, “Mike, can you give me some easy steps I can implement right now to grow my business?”

These conversations inspired me to create a new system to grow and scale businesses, and The Pumpkin Plan she was born. (If it seems like it happened overnight, it didn’t, but the system can be implemented right now!)

As you know, I have partners who have taken some of my systems and built businesses with them and one of those superstars is Donna Leyens of Pumpkin Plan your business. When I asked her if she had any testimonials to share, she immediately sent me to this blog about the transformation her client, Christeen Era, experienced. I’d like you to check out the following so you can take any questions you’ve had about The Pumpkin Plan answered and apply it to your business today.

The business strategy that changes lives

May 9, 2022/in Business growth / for Donna Leyens

Successful but miserable

Christeen Era was a successful businesswoman with a thriving business. And it was miserable. He had built his business from scratch. But there were elements of the business that she just hated. He had clients who made his life miserable on a regular basis. Sometimes he didn’t even want to answer the phones. I had a headache from the employees. He had no control over his time. Eventually, he realized that this was not the way he wanted to live his life and that something had to change. So he spun off that business and started over with a new business strategy.

While Christeen was building her new business and trying to stay on course, she found out The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy for Growth and Extraordinary Business in Any Field, by Mike Michalowicz, and the light bulb went on for her.

The Pumpkin Plan is based on the idea that when you operate your Sweet Spot business, business growth is no longer difficult.

The Sweet Spot is where 3 key elements of your business align: your best customers, your unique offering, and your systems and processes.

When you have an identifiable core customer niche, a unique offering that your core customers want and need, and the systems and processes to deliver your unique offering to your core customers efficiently, effectively and profitably, you’re in your sweet spot.

As Christeen read the book, she was able to identify the reasons why she was so unhappy in her first business and make sure she didn’t make the same mistakes again. The last time he wasn’t operating in his Sweet Spot. This time would be different.

Life changing transformation

Christeen was so impressed with the power of The Pumpkin Plan method, she decided to give it a go become a certified pumpkin plan strategist so that she could help her clients experience the life-changing transformation she was experiencing.

(Go HERE look at Christine’s video talking about the impact that becoming a pumpkin plan strategist has had on his business).

For Christeen, this transformation began with the mission, vision, and purpose exercises of the Pumpkin Plan program. Being very clear about your long-term vision and business mission, as well as your core values, made a huge difference in the direction of the business. Putting these thoughts on paper allowed him to see how his business vision could enable his life vision.

He saw that he could have a profitable business, he could buy the house of his dreams, he could go on vacations with his family and give himself the space to not have to work 24 hours a day to achieve his financial goals. According to Christeen: “I don’t think we would be where we are now if we hadn’t applied the mission, vision and purpose exercises the way we did.”

The Power of Niching

christeen’s business, Basic growth strategies, is a high-end accounting and business growth consulting firm. Initially, they served a diverse group of small businesses. After evaluating the best customers for the Pumpkin plan, Christeen identified a niche customer base: the lawn and landscape care industry. She recognized that she had found a group of business owners that really needed her help and felt especially qualified to serve.

As he slowly began to shed clients that weren’t ideal for his company, everything began to run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Christeen saw such a great opportunity to target her niche client that she started an independent business with a partner, Green Profit Academy, specifically focused on providing profitable growth strategies to the lawn care industry. Because he knows the industry very well and is very familiar with its problems and challenges, he has been able to delve deeper into finding specific solutions for his industry. He has created tools and processes, and customized the Pumpkin Plan and Profit First tools to meet the specific needs of his client niche.

The specialization has had many benefits for both of Christeen’s companies. Since they are serving a specific niche, they have been able to streamline their operations, making it easier to manage their businesses.

Christeen’s team members know exactly what their customers need and have the systems in place to support it. Your employees don’t have to learn or ask questions about many different types of businesses, because they are focused on serving one type of business.

Christeen and her companies have become known as the go-to experts, accounting and training companies in the lawn care industry. The word has gotten out and potential customers are finding it. Your marketing has become streamlined and effective as you can speak to your customers’ specific industry needs. The return on your marketing investment is high, creating higher profits in your business.

The biggest transformation

The biggest transformation for Christeen, however, has been how you feel about your business. She and her team members are very passionate about what they do. They know that they are making a real difference in the lives of their customers and that is very rewarding for them. Thanks to The Pumpkin Plan, Christeen is bringing in the income that supports her lifestyle, is in control of her time, is doing work she’s passionate about, and has fallen back in love with her business!

Are you passionate about supporting small businesses to grow and thrive? Become a Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist

Want help and guidance to achieve your business goals? Hire a pumpkin plan strategist

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